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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Eco-Care from Nilit

Migdal Ha'emek, Israel - Nylon 6.6 producer Nilit, has named its recently launched recycled yarns Eco-Care. Eco-Care is produced from a mix of polymer waste and other polymers. The company says that the development represents a breakthrough in yarn engineering and production.

The garment opposite was knitted seamlessly with Eco-Care yarn on a 13 inch diameter, 28 gauge Santoni SM8-8 TOP machine. The yarn is a 70/40/2 SD recycled yarn plated with 22 spandex covered with 19/7 Nilit Eversheer yarn. Nilit Eversheer is modified PA-66 which the company developed for covering spandex, with a very high shrinkage rate. This special covered yarn helps to close the knitted loops and the result is a much stronger net or mesh knit application. Nilit says that the recycled Eco-Care can be dyed at the same depth as regular PA-66.


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